Overcoming Sales Challenges and Achieving Success

Here what my clients have to say about their Mastery or B2B Sales experience. We can help you achieve the same results for your company and are always standing by to assist.

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Don Finley Founder and CEO - FINdustries, LLC

When it comes to sales, Chaz is a rare breed. He is talented and an expert through the entire sales mastery process, from lead generation to closing the deal. If you are looking for someone to help you build relationships with clients while surpassing your yearly targets, Chaz is your man.

Brian W. Jones President and CEO - Can Do International

I’ve been in sales and marketing for my entire career and I know solid sales advice when I see it. He has a proven process using today’s technology to maximize LinkedIn. Learn his process and then DO IT EVERY DAY.

Erica Medina Founder - CEO Follow the Sun

Chaz has been a rock star coach with extraordinary talent in teaching clients the Mastery of B2B sales. His focus on mindset, behaviors, and tools creates a learning process that changes not only how you connect with others but how you move forward with your legacy.

Vicki Z. Lauter Managing Partner - Strategic Human Insights

Chaz is an authentic individual. He truly wants to see everyone succeed and does everything within his power to help you. As a solopreneur and someone who has relied on referrals to build their business, the process that Chaz has developed has been extremely helpful in me being able to connect with the right decision makers. If you are looking for a better way to connect with your target market, I recommend you talk to Chaz

Mordechai Danielov Chief Database Expert - BitWise MnM Inc.

Chaz is a very multi-talented person, so one recommendation won't do him justice, but I will try to mention some important points.

1. Great source of ideas - Being analytical and at the same time very creative, Chaz comes up with great ideas for each stage of the sales process. He clearly shows you the psychology behind clients' decisions and how to use the situation to show yourself from the best angle. He manages to do this without being manipulative probably because of his great integrity.

2. Great Coach/Teacher - he lays bare your choices for you and leaves no ambiguity as to what is standing between you and your goal, and then guides you to overcome these obstacles in a gentle, humorous, and just plain humane way (not a drill sergeant approach).

3. Great motivator - he doesn't give you speeches that "pump you up" or engage in any crude motivational techniques. He helps you find your internal reason for action and stay focused on that, so that your motivation will come from within and make your interactions with clients that much more genuine.

4. Great results - we set out a goal of additional $90K in revenue for the next six months, and even though I wasn't the greatest student and didn't do everything as instructed, still I was able to surpass the goal in just 4 months.

Sam Werner Owner - Main Street Marketing

Since I started my business 4 years ago I struggled to find a predictable process to fill my sales pipeline. After working with Chaz I now have that process and have seen sales come through it. Chaz is the real deal. He's professional, personal, and a very good teacher. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a way to get new prospects, predictably and consistently. Thanks Chaz!

Bill Maki Owner - Kaveri Group, LLC

Chaz has a unique style to sales of which I greatly appreciate. His approach is as someone who truly wants to help, rather than the typical attempt to convince you to buy his product. While many salesmen and trainers say they want to help, they come across as disingenuous. Chaz, however, lives his message and you know it when you talk to him. This is the crux of his process, I believe. His sales process is simple and powerful, but I find that his expertise and knowledge of people and situations are what makes Chaz and the process fantastic. He could just teach his process which would be a great asset to any salesperson, but he doesn’t stop there. He applies coaching to your unique situation. He celebrates with you when you win. When you make a mistake or fail, though, he is there to help you find out why and help you become better for next time.

Even in one of the most difficult situations I could imagine, he had tremendous patience and tailored his coaching to those situations. Within 6 weeks of starting a business and working with Chaz, I was able to win 10x the cost of the training in business. I don’t know of many startups who can say they have won that much revenue that early in the game. You cannot go wrong working with Chaz!

Michael "Fritz" Fritzius The Test Automation Guy and President - Arch DevOps, LLC

I started working with Chaz not long after I lost my last job, because I knew the daily 12+ hour grind of doing lead generation on my own wasn't going to be scalable. I needed to have a smarter way to find business, and to do so in a scalable way. With not much in the way of business savings, I made the leap and took his program. In the weeks following, I learned so much about content, marketing, engagement and relationship building, that I'm well on my way to being a multiple-client business. Really glad Chaz found me when he did.

Mike Lorenzen, SPHR, MCP, VCP Managing Partner Spectrum IT Solutions, LLC

Chaz is a genuine person who has a sales strategy that he is able to teach effectively. He gets to know his clients and works with them individually to help them with their sales goals. He has a good attitude and spends the time necessary to work with you so that you can take advantage of the work he has done in developing the process. He also makes himself available in several ways to help answer any questions you may have while getting setup and learning what to do.

Jeffrey Petersen Vice President - J.W. Logistics, LLC

Working with Chaz has been enormously helpful in helping me accomplish my goals. His insight, tools, mentorship and training are world class. Beyond that, Chaz truly cares about the people he works with. His willingness to dig into what the root causes are makes him approachable and gives his coaching a depth that really helped me get to the next level. I wholeheartedly recommend Chaz.

Steve Messineo Owner - YourBizSuccessCoach.com

I started working with Chaz Horn last year as his B2B Sales Mastery program was just what I was looking for. Chaz did an excellent job of showing me how to use LinkedIn to find and connect with other health care professionals in the fields of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture to name a few. He also showed me how to develop relationships with them on LinkedIn and get them to review and sign-up for my coaching programs. I appreciate Chaz's approach to working with his clients. He is passionate about helping sales professionals from different industries achieve greater success, and I believe he does an excellent job with his client coaching program.

Sara Causey (LION) Sr Engineering and Technical Recruiter - EIT Nesco Resource

I have really enjoyed working with Chaz. He has challenged my thinking and pushed me to see things from new perspectives, which in turn has benefited me as a person and as a business owner. Sometimes we need a coach or a mentor who can see blind spots that we are not aware of and I believe Chaz has a gift for this. Now the fact that he deemed me the "un-recruiter" was really the icing on the cake!

Lora Jackson Director of Operations - Pub Ocean

Chaz has a proven sales and marketing system for LinkedIn. Unlike most sales people in the industry, he genuinely cares about serving rather than selling, which is really refreshing in the industry. He is high-quality, high-integrity person and it has been pleasure to work with him and follow his expert advice. Above all, he is an amazing human being with a huge heart and a contagious laughter. I have been blessed to have him in my professional network. One of the best professional relationships I've had so far.

Daisy McCarty Founder of Helping B2B Software Companies, Tech Startups, and Business Consultants Nail Their Message

When I decided to scale the consulting side of my business, I needed a way to do direct outreach in a repeatable way to fill my pipeline with my ideal clients on my own terms. Networking and referrals have been wonderful sources for new clients, but I wanted to scale fast. I was using LinkedIn to network virtually. However, I didn’t have a system in place to do so effectively and have conversations that led to new business on a regular basis.

In February, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to start working with Chaz. Within just 8 weeks, the results started rolling in and the program has paid for itself many times over already. I’m signing one client after another and it’s just getting better as I continue to implement what I learned in his program.

Chaz practices what he preaches and sets a great example of the kind of sales process that seeks to serve clients at the highest level. If you want to learn to use LinkedIn quickly, effectively, and profitably to grow your business, I highly recommend talking to Chaz and learning how he can help you achieve your biggest goals.

Mark Firth LinkedIn Lead Generation Coach, Inbound LinkedIn Leads, LinkedIn Sales Coach, Social Selling, Closing - The Linkedpreneurs

I enrolled in Chaz's program and I started getting results within 3 weeks and given that we work in a results-based industry I can thoroughly endorse and recommend working with him. But more than that, Chaz does everything from integrity and goes the extra mile for all his clients. I am seeing daily gains through working with him.

David Eastbrook CEO - Freakin' Delicious Cookies Inc

Integrity is at the heart of any professional's arsenal. When it comes to character and ethics few people match Chaz Horn. Working with Chaz is not just enjoyable, it leaves you feeling like you did the right thing.

Albert E. Whale, CEH CHS CISA CISSP Founder and CEO - IT Security Solutions, Inc.

For everyone that has a small business that wants to succeed. If you are able to be coached, if you can follow Chaz's direction, and If you are persistent, then you may be as successful as want to be! Chaz's program is excellent! Take advantage of it, today.

Julie Simbro President and& Corporate Cheerleader - ACE Mystery Shopping

I really can't thank Chaz Horn enough. Before I started working with Chaz, I was spending way too much money on trade shows. When I had exhausted those leads, I would just hope that someone would just happen to run across my company or my LinkedIn profile, because I could only afford a couple of shows per year. And truth be told, I really couldn't even afford that!

I had a CRM but wasn't using it effectively. I got some leads at the shows, but they would all dry up after a few months, leaving my pipeline virtually empty. The next year or show would come around and I would do it all over again.

With Chaz, while the investment was there, what he has taught all of us can be used over and over again throughout the life of our careers. But, when spending $5-7K on trade shows, once those leads are spent, they are gone.

I had to continuously invest in things like that to bring them in. I am now DONE investing in trade shows. My last one will be next year, which I had already committed to and can't get out of my contract.

The only sad part is, I really did enjoy the shows. However, the ROI is just not there for the shows, especially when I have these new skills Chaz has taught me.

Jim Rogers President and Partner - Martin Mechanical Corporation

Chaz works with the highest of integrity in every aspect of his life. He will go to great lengths to find a solution for his customers.

Lori Scott Human Capital Management Consultant - ADP

Working with Chaz was a pleasure. Chaz was very self-driven and motivated to help his clients realize their dream. "Team Player”, Chaz not only works hard for his clients but was always there to help his teammates accomplish their goals. Outside of the work arena Chaz is one of the most caring people you could meet.

Scott Ewart General Manager - Air Industrial Resource, Inc

Chaz is very customer service driven, with the ability to listen to the customer's needs and understand them and then develop a solution that highlights important issues. Energetic and always enthusiastic about solving problems, he truly cares about the customer's needs.

Mr. Horn is truly one of the great prospectors out there in the field working today, with a seemingly unending desire to seek out new customers through a wide variety of methods.