Chaz Horn, B2B Sales and Marketing Strategist

Chaz Horn

I have worked in sales for over 25 years and became the top sales rep or in the top 3% of all sales reps in five distinctly different industries.  Over my career, I broke sales records for most sales in a month, year and five-year period with established B2B businesses. I moved from sales, to sales management, to starting my own business as a B2B sales and marketing coach after creating a unique process of qualified sales lead automation.

The Mastery of B2B Sales process originated by personally surveying over 2,000 business owners, founders, CEOs, presidents, and C-level executives. This study revealed core problems that limit sales opportunities. These are answered in Mastery of B2B Sales.

Using these techniques for myself, I have amassed over 18,000 connections and followers on LinkedIn. I continually publish numerous white paper articles and videos offering valuable FREE help to those struggling with growing B2B sales. I aim to serve and help others prosper and achieve success in their business.

My sole intention is to serve you. Likewise, I will help you understand the effectiveness of a servant leadership strategy for your customers. You can dramatically change your own business and how you interact with customers and prospects if our coaching and methodology is followed. You will learn to manage selling behaviors and also learn the importance of always being a true professional; trustworthy in every facet of the sales process.

My passion is to help you unlock your true selling potential. Our approach is 100% transparent with honest, engaging and unfiltered conversation. If you are coachable and truly adopt these principles, you will rapidly build qualified leads without making a single, dreaded cold call.

My mission in life is to help others understand and fully realize their full potential and with my program I can help businesses and people understand and fully realize their sales potential.

Contact me for a no-obligation review of your sales strategy.