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I’m Chaz Horn, founder and owner of Mastery of B2B Sales.

I’m a B2B sales and marketing strategist with over twenty-five years’ experience in sales and sales leadership. My working lifetime experience encompasses strategizing how to build sales, building trusting relationships, and closing sales.  Each company I’ve worked for in my career has benefited from my drive and passion. The results? I ascended to top salesman at each organization. I have poured this knowledge and lifetime’s worth of experience into Mastery of B2B Sales.

Mastery of B2B Sales is Ideal For Those Who:

Agonize over low closing percentages
Work much too much
Miss amazing opportunities that get snapped up by their competition
Earn far less than they need to live their dream life

This defined and proven process works for introverts, single person small businesses, and corporations. It’s a modern selling method that heavily leverages social media for maximum effectiveness. It is a combination of a step-by-step “how to”, Mastery of B2B social media groups, and mentoring to ensure your success. Contact me today for a free consultation.

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